Bedtime Prayers And Other Randomosities.

Day 67, Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar: 0

So tired.

I don’t think I can write this tonight.

It’s true.  So, I’ll just say my prayers…..

Thank You, Sweet Baby Jesus for bringing my husband home soon. Thank you for sparing me a stroke today when I nearly lost by mind with the billing department at Watson Clinic. Went in with a 2nd degree burn. Came out $769 poorer, with high blood pressure and a low grade fever.  Forgive me for calling the clinic administrator a jackass. Clearly, that wasn’t very nice. It’s just that it seemed so much more potent at the time than “dumb donkey”. Thank you for the sweet call from my dad tonight, who pleaded with me to ‘slow down’, and reminded  me that a shopping halt doesn’t count toward his definition. He, not the least impressed with my shopping hiatus or my new-found social life with a blog that doesn’t talk back, remained focused on his points: stop using so much technology, take a breath, slow down. His call came a couple of hours after he had to gas up my car in the driveway of the house via gas can because I, unknowingly, was at 0 miles to empty. How flighty of me! He’s right in many ways. I do have to take time to fill up the car, use care with boiling water, and use caution with kitchen cutlery. I shall try to take his advice. Thanks too, God, for good friends and divine appointments.

Speaking of divine appointments, I believe that the gas incident was part of a greater plan. After dad put 2 gallons in, I headed to the closest gas station which happens to be in the opposite direction of my normal commute home. As I was pumping, I noticed out  of the corner of my eye, a petite young girl; a pre-teen, wearing pink roller blades, toting a hot pink satchel arguably half her size. The sun was shining in my eyes making her face difficult to see, but her silhouette looked familiar. I called the name of which I suspected her to answer. It was her, indeed! “What are you doing here by yourself?, I inquired. “Do you need a ride home?”  With a bit of nervous energy she answered “No” and then explained that she was trying to get to Publix. She proceeded to ask me for directions. Questioning the rationale here, I continued  ” Would you like me to take you to Publix? It’s sort of far from here and you’d have to travel a busy road to get there. Plus it’s getting dark. Sure I can’t take you?”  She declined my invitation and skated off. I finished the gas and headed for home, when I realized she was traveling south, parallel with my car, down another busy highway. Something in me was uneasy. You know that feeling you get when something’s just not right and you’ve got to do something? So, I contacted her parents. Completely shocked by her pioneering spirit, they gasped at the fact that she’d left the neighborhood without permission. Long story short, the kids and I retrieved the curious explorer and delivered her safely to her family.

Interesting. So, thank you Sir, that I’m always in the right place at the right time.

For now, the right place is my bed, anticipating the late night arrival of a handsome snow bunny. Hopefully, he has cute pink cheeks, only achievable by a good smack of wind burn. I will press on in the Chanel biography while I wait. My prediction? I’ll last 2 pages max before passing out. Luckily, my shopfast endurance has proven longer than my reading.


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