House Arrest

Day 62: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0, although overall crankiness radar is off the charts.

My husband is leaving me. Not permanently. Just for a little while. He will be enjoying the ski slopes and I will be on house arrest with the 2 crazed toddlers. Clearly, I’m out-numbered and not happy about it. Something about Steve getting a vacation during my birthday month does not seem quite right. But, I’m a good sport….sort of. The sulking will be moderate at best, and I’ll try not to display my misery too blatantly. So, what does one do when they are shop-starved, vacation-starved, & alone with THOSE children?

There is only one option. Lock yourself tight in the bedroom bunker, with a bag of M&Ms, set up the tripod & practice self portraits, of course. I mean, doesn’t everyone do that? Just kidding. Someone recently asked me “Do you have an outfit idea for a casual date night? ” Luckily, I actually went on a date Tuesday, before the great abandonment, was prepared and decided to illustrate the answer . This is the sort of thing I wear:

Casual, comfortable, yet shows a bit of effort via strategic execution of shoes & accessories, indicating to the husband that I am excited about the evening out.

The upside of the house arrest? Maybe I’ll clean out my closet. Lucky me.


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