The Chanel Equation…….

Day 59,  Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Math has never been a strong suit of mine. In fact, I blame my chronic bank account deficit not on excessive shopping, but rather on impaired subtraction skills.  Adding? Not a problem. Subtracting? confusing. The basic math issues led me to more serious challenges in high school algebra. For example, the following equation is not one I remember learning in school.  Curiously, I must have picked it up somewhere along the way, and felt compelled to apply it:

Formula:  (-)MS + (+)MAS=  MMAFS

Translation: (money spent) + (money almost spent, but didn’t)=More Money Available for Spending.

Example:   -$265 (shoes) + (2,000–Chanel Bag Not Purchased)= $1735 in available spending funds.

This presents a unique problem. Unfortunately, the real life application of this expression has proven to be grossly erroneous. Believe it or not, the math doesn’t really work. Why? Because the “Money Almost Spent” numeric is not actually “real”, or a tangible spend.  So, to allocate money for future spends, that isn’t actual is a rather strange method of calculation and one that should be discontinued immediately, as it has serious consequences.

So, I don’t really know anyone who thinks like this… ah hem, but felt like it was worth noting. Bad Math= Big Problems. Point is, money planned to be played with in the form of credit should not be categorized as “real” money. So, if anyone has questions about this, please join me for an after school session on responsible spending. We’re all learning together.

On a brighter note, my best topic was English. I love language, reading and writing. The language I’m presently learning right now is Coco Chanel. There is much to be discovered by me on this remarkable woman. Quite frankly, before I make any MAS allocation toward one of her gorgeous quilted bags, I feel like we should get to know each other a little better. Thus, last evening I began a biography on her life.

Coco Chanel, The Legend And The Life.

Today, after a taxing work experience, I felt it fitting to kick back and have a little quiet time with her royal majesty, Mademoiselle Chanel……

Then, she said something that made me laugh.  In 1959 when asked about her age by and American Journalist, she replied “My age varies according to the days and the people I happen to be with. When I’m bored i feel very old, and since I’m extremely bored with you, I’m going to be a thousand years old in five minutes…..” Hysterical. So I laughed out loud:

Finally, realizing that I had much in common with Mademoiselle Chanel, including poor memory and math skills, I decided that I should practice my Chanel Look…….

I think it works well. Right? The End.


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