The Most Unusual Spectacle….

Day 57: Items Purchased: 0 Temptation Radar: 0

Perspective.  I’ve been thinking about this so much lately. You know, the way we see things…..the depth in which we understand them, the conviction with which we respond to them, based on our insight, of course. If not difficult enough to operate within the confines of our limited perspective, imagine the challenge of placing yourself in another’s skybox….or gutter…..or wherever they are living and seeing things as they do.

It’s tough. Really tough;nearly impossible for me.  I was remembering a conversation I had months ago with my aunt, regarding my dad, and she said to me, “You gotta take off
your Aimee glasses and put on your Steve glasses”.
You know, I never forgot that conversation. Since then, I’ve made a few more deliberate efforts to expand my perspective and understand the view points of others. Whether it’s in my marriage, the workplace, or friends & family, I find myself looking for opportunities to see things with greater depth, width, dimension and understanding.

I think the conception of this enhanced perspective forged me onto the ShopFast journey in the first place. Beginning to notice the empty vanity of excess shopping, understanding the implication of overindulgence on a family both financially and emotionally, filling my cart rather than serving others all began to immensely bother me. Obsessing over outfits and fashion trends, albeit super fun, started to feel a little embarrassing….if I’m completely honest. Would my life’s purpose be mistakenly defined by another’s perception of me as the “fun fashion girl”? I’m always wrestling with this stuff. Thus today, I was faced with a new challenge and a decision to make:

“Would I put on my Steve Reed Shades?”

What if I put on my “Steve” glasses?My husband, Steve,  is the kindest, most sincere, loyal and level-headed person I know. In the 15 years we’ve known each other, I’ve rarely heard him utter a negative word about another person, or lack commitment in anything (except yard work and handywork…sorry, honey). The one area that he’s been completely tolerant, yet uncomfortable with me is erratic spending. He’s a saver. I’m a spender.

We have a trip planned to New York for my birthday in 2 weeks. Tonight, when he came home from work, I told him that we needed to cancel. “Why” you may ask? Placing on my Steve Shades, I see that we just did an awful lot of home improving. I see how hard we’ve worked to pay off our debt, and to add this trip may put us back in it. With Steve’s shades, I see that my mother is generous to a fault with regard to watching our children, and probably would appreciate a breather. With his eyes, i see myself, the girl who spent the preschool tuition on pillows, the girl who goes to New York every year and has for the 10 years we’ve been married, and just went to Paris; the girl who received the beautiful bedroom renovation….could she really expect more? What more does she need?

Not a thing.

I’ve never been so thrilled, relieved, or empowered as I was tonight when I said “Steve, I don’t think we should go to New York.”  What a spectacle it was to behold!  I imagine my sweet husband was pretty stunned. So, we will just move our flights to a future destination and sit this one out.

Oh! I almost forgot! Since we’re talking about Spectacles, I should show you my new glasses. Big shout-out to my company’s vision plan that hooked me up! I lost my specs awhile back. So for a moment, please allow me to put on my new Aimee Glasses

It should be noted that when I went to pick up the glasses, they allowed me to choose a case from the designer. To my delight, the case proved to be a greater treat than the glasses! Check it out…..


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  1. Good for you Aimee! I love the glasses. Maybe you can help me pick out a new pair. I love you. And I think New York will still be there next year! I appreciate the reprieve.

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