Apparently, I Have Been “Missed”

Day 55, Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 3

I received a note in the mail today. It was from Ann. The folks at her loft sent it with a specific sentiment and gift attached. It reads:

Aimee, We’ve Missed You. Please enjoy 25% off of your purchase of $100 or more.

As you can imagine, I felt the need to explain…

Dear Ann,

Thanks for your sweet note. I’ve missed you also, more than you can imagine, actually. However, my hands are tied. I have to pass on your generous offer, due to this crazy shopfast. By the way, the butter-colored cotton skirt, a-line, with jute belt that was featured with this offer made me a little crazy, thus the radar hit of 3 on my blog. Why must you tease me this way? So unfair. In a desperate attempt to secure that skirt, I hinted to Steve about it by showing him the picture, followed by paper clipping it to the coupon and placing in his wallet. As you know, my birthday is in 3 weeks.  Surely, I’ll be receiving your birthday coupon in the next few days as well….you know, like the one you sent last year? Anthropologie already sent theirs. Only 15% though. Personally, I think they could have done much better. Anyway, back to the subject of Steve. Frankly, he’s not biting the bait, for he believes my special occassion has already been celebrated in the form of bed linens, lamps, artwork, staffordshire dogs, etc. He’s right, I suppose. I will not expect a gift. I’ve been spoiled. Keep the lofty ideas coming. Your brochures keep me sane.

Until next time,


So, Ann’s missed me. Tis a lovely feeling to be missed. It sort of affirms the idea that you bring a bit of value to the table….that people care and regard you. When you are missed, it’s as though something about your presence made things better and without you there is a void. I hope my work colleague felt that today as we bid her adieu.  She received an offer from a genetics testing company, which she accepted straight away.  We gave her a little token of our appreciation for her contribution to the team, offered sincere congratulations and inherited 28 boxes of her samples. eek. She went shopping for a new opportunity and scored big.

Tonight I’m missing dessert because since onset of project ShopFast, I’ve gained 6 lbs. Good grief, here we go again with the confessions. Quite honestly, I’ve been much snackier on whilst shopfasting, yielding to the temptation of M&M’s, homemade cooking and diet coke. That being said, it was necessary to jump back on the healthy eating program . After all, if it gets too out of hand, I’ll be in trouble clothes-wise. I started Monday with hopes of missing a few lbs before the end of the month. The good news? I won’t be able to buy a bathing suit this year. Therefore caftans are on the beach wardrobe docket.

So, I guess this is what a ramble sounds like? Most excellent. I’m tired. No picture for you, tonight. We all need to be missing something.


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