The Adoption of Growth

Friday, February 18

Day 50, Items Purchased: A House Plant

Martha Stewart is in the house! Perhaps it went unmentioned, but I am she! From fruit bowls and grocery prep to flower arranging, I busied myself  today with final touches neccesary for the unveiling of Le Palais Presentable. When not crouched in the corner dressing room of Nordstrom, Hattie’s, or even Target dividing and conquering piles of “haves vs. have nots”, I can be discovered hoarding stems of wild flowers and arranging them in unexpected containers around my home. Today’s flavor consisted of white spray roses and lavender sprigs nestled snuggly into my grandmother’s silver communion cups. These floral ensembles were positioned to greet the guests as they entered, would guide friends down the hallway, and bid bonne nuit as they stood watch on the bedside table. Fresh flowers= Happy; and I like folks smiling.

However, one moment throughout the day left me void of smile. I was forced to go shopping…..the one type of shopping I loathe. Groceries. I despise the grocery store. Honestly, if I were an executive at Publix, there would be increased sensitivity toward the issue of GSAS, more specifically  “Grocery Shopping Anxiety Syndrome.” Seriously, google it (hopefully, you’ll find a direct link to the blog, a nod to my quick wit and charm, followed by an invitation to subscribe). No really, I do suffer from such anxiety and would be far more likely to utilize a personal shopper’s assistance in the meat department, than say, J.Crew. So, after powering a children’s race car fully loaded with 2 toddlers and attached to a full-sized food cart through aisled of canned goods, I raced home to try to organize the food in a pantry that was foreclosed months ago. Only 2 lonely bags of popcorn remained following the eviction of our expired goods. Today, not only would our guests rejoice at a vastly updated snack selection, but my family would be renewed with homemade cow cuisine  rather than Chick-fil-a!.

After such a victorious accomplishment, one might suspect my confidence was enhanced. Basking in the pride of achievement, I realized my urge to accept yet another challenge. It’s time for another baby! That’s right!!! Child 3!  Euphoria overwhelmed me at the thought. I loaded my 2 existing kiddos in the car and raced over to the local nursery. The Green House is orphanage to a wide variety of lovely plants & foliage. Jarmon, the overseer, encouraged me that caring for a houseplant could be a very rewarding and uplifting experience. Surprisingly, I learned that you can handily outfit even the most average looking plant in show-stopper attire.  This, being a strength of mine, added to my excitement. I selected a perky rubber-esque green leaf that fit snuggly into a cream glazed, scalloped terra-cotta pot. Proud mama, I tell you. Proud. Understanding the joys of sibling rivalry, we also adopted twins: ivy in clay urns.

I could go on and on about this. But, I’ve spent enough time doting. Besides that, it is true that a picture says it best.

My plants need to be watered, children dressed and me? Well, I’m just thrilled to say that in my pursuit of personal growth through a fashion fast, I’ve also learned to grow plants. Qu’est-ce qu’un beau jardin!


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