A Noteable Cure for Acute Attack Of Shopfastitis!

Day 49,  Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:3 ( visited my friend Randy at her etcetera Trunk Show–delicious, I tell you. Delicious)

First things, First. I must confess mild covetousness for J.Lo’s black sequin bermuda short featured on American Idol this evening. SICK fabulousness. Seriously. Warning: Etcetera has a sheer silver metallic version, but the junk in your trunk will be visible to any captive audience. We’re talking s-e-e  t-h-r-o-u-g-h.

Yes, I’ve already mentioned today’s obsession several times in paragraph 1. My apologies. However, it should be noted that a unique adventure in “browsing” occurred today while visiting one of my favorite clothing trunk shows. Browsing, by definition, means “to peruse, to glance leisurely at items displayed in a store”. Wait. Ok. So, it’s also referred to as “grazing”, but I’ll save that discussion for another post, perhaps sometime in the not-so-distant-future. Nevertheless, I was engaged in the art of browsing today, when I discovered a most satisfying, and inventive outlet for shopfast frustration: Can’t buy? Take a friend! Help her make the perfect purchase!

Starstruck by this revelation, I immediately pointed out the most exquisite dress in the collection to my most fabulous friend. Within 15 minutes, she modeled it for the styling committee, we added a silk & chiffon cardigan, discussed other opportunities to diversify both items across wardrobe scenarios (including adding the sweater to the blouse she arrived in) and she was sold! Thrilled to pieces and quite happy with myself, I exited, leaving her to solidify the purchasing details while I rushed to rescue my kiddos from the throws of lollipop day at preschool.  Wow! No damage done: kids fighting over dum-dums intact….my credit card, also intact.

I discovered this new treatment option for the symptoms of shopfastitis, an it didn’t cost me a penny! Revolutionary, I tell ya. By they way, Steve did not get me that Hattie’s tunic for V-day. very curious. He must not be reading the blog. I mean, a pretty obvious hint strategy was executed.

Don’t forget to shop with a friend this week! Have her do the buying for added euphoric benefit. Cheers!


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