The Sanctuary….

Day 48: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar: 0, too busy to think fashion.

Once upon a time there lived a young, um…okay, middle-aged, mildly neurotic and most certainly shop-starved mademoiselle, who stumbled upon a most curious challenge: 5 days to revitalize her bedroom for out-of-town relatives who would be visiting. Necessary ingredients? New Paint, New Bedding, New Carpet…..5 days. With little time to plan, orchestrate and execute, failure seemed imminent. Shall we check out the finished product?

The little dragonfly chair on the left is the first piece of furniture I ever had re-upholstered, 10 years ago when Steve and I were newlyweds and living in our first home. It has sentimental value which makes its incorporation into the design scheme even more fabulous.

These throw pillows remind me of Montmartre village in France. The quaint enclave of Paris, was a favorite of mine on our recent trip and the inspiration for the room design. The burlap textured fabric coupled with the scripting in berry red perfects the look and adds a sweet touch to the cozy bedding.

This beautiful footed bowl is hand painted and tells a story about the merchant ships and village featured upon it. At the moment, it is home to 2 dozen green apples and can be found resting upon my dresser. Bowl in the bedroom, you may ask? Well, my belief is that when you find an ornament that pulls your heart-strings,….regardless of having the ideal place to display it, acquire it. Accessories are investments of the heart. They reflect personal style & taste while possessing the ability to be utilized for years to come. Always collect treasures that make your heart smile and you’ll never be sorry. If you buy what you LOVE, there will always be a place for it your home.
So, the week is coming to a close, as is my home improvement project. The sanctuary is complete and I’ve place to take refuge. Let the choir sing!

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