A Twofer

Days 45 & 46:  Items Purchased: 0, within guidelines of Shopfast. However, I’ve been on a house project that has officially made me broke. Several home purchases.

Tonight, you get a Twofer one.  2 posts in 1….I didn’t get it up last night. Geez, that sounded horrible….especially in the spirit of Valentines Day. Yikes. Ah hem….I’m totally exhausted. We’ve been working tirelessly on a home improvement project in preparation for guests this weekend. With Steve’s relatives coming to Florida as our house guests, it was necessary that I power shop places like HomeGoods & Steinmart in pursuit of several items including, blankets, pillows, sheets, comforter, etc.  After all, prior to yesterday, I didn’t even own a blanket. The towels we use are about 8-10 years old, and we wash and wear 1 set of worn sheets for each bed in the house. As previously mentioned in former posts, purchases of practicality are not normally embraced around here, thus the emergency call to action! Eek! I mean, it’s fine if I choose to sleep with a hole in the sheet or dry with tattered towels, but to think that my family will have to? Not cool. This grim realization initiated the rapid chicken race we’ve run for the past 5 days. Since Thursday, I’ve purchased and arranged installation for carpet in 3 rooms, ordered new sofa pillows, new bedding for master bedroom…along with painting the master suite. Most of the time, these things are pretty fun for me. However, factor in 2 small children, small budget, a job and 1 week drop-dead date….it seems more like an invitation to doomsday.  Further, this project has been surprisingly emotionally challenging for me. I’ve been so focused on doing with less, not spending, not shopping, not being in a pressure cooker over “stuff”. As I began to immerse in this project, I started to fear a relapse. I don’t want to simply “switch” my obsession from clothing to home goods. I’ve really had to be honest with myself about this.  I find myself clutching my purse a little tighter. I’ve become pickier. It’s pretty weird.  I ask myself, is this a need or a want. So far, I’m pretty pleased. I feel like I’m still on track. I’ve received a lot of encouragement from my family and Steve’s been a huge pillar of support. After all, maybe this is part of it…..the journey, I mean. The act of actually shopping within the confines of shopfast is teaching me a new lesson…….moderation & limitation.

Tomorrow our new carpet goes in, followed by putting together the rest of the rooms and getting things cleaned.   Hard work does usually deliver a reward, so I remain focused on the end result. I trust that my family will feel the warmth of gracious hospitality and that it will all come together.  Soon, I will post pictures of our finished product!  A lovely new love nest. I the meantime, I will post some dumb pictures I took of myself this morning before I left for work. Sometimes, it cheers me up to just totally dork out and laugh at myself.  One of the greatest things we can do for ourselves is lighten up and not take everything so seriously. If anyone ever accuses me of being too serious, let the record show……..I anticipate completion of this project so that I may return to the joys of writing in more detail, the introspective analysis of my clothing shopfast thus far. For now, I’m pretty tired, pretty overwhelmed and pretty void of creative juices.

Cupid is calling. I must depart.


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