An Urgent Message to Hattie’s Branches….

Day 42: Items Purchased: 0. Temptation Radar: 10 ( It went from 0 to 10 in the last 45 seconds due to an intriguing photograph posted from my favorite boutique)

I’m  having a moment. A moment of weakness, defined by drool drops on the left side of my mouth and shaky knees. The culprit?

I was about to finish today’s shopfree day on a high, when I discovered this sneaky little post on my facebook feed.  I will now resort to a dark closet in which I will hide for the rest of the night, locked up, as to save myself from emailing the owners with a credit card deposit for tunic.

To the Ladies of Hattie’s: THIS MEANS WAR! lol! Good Lord, I love it!


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