Shoes Or Sheets? I Just Got Called On The Carpet!

Day: 41, Items Purchased: Sheets. Stark White Sheets.  Temptation Radar: 0 (so focused on sheets, I didn’t even look at anything else.)

Practical Schmactical.  Nothing bugs me more that having to shop for neccesities. Every ordinary household good, at some point in time, will demand a replacement. I loathe updating the following: towels, sheets, wash clothes, air filters, pillows, simple appliances, carpet, sod, paint, etc. Such items are costly, and don’t showcase on my body….two very good reasons for frustration.

After 5 years of pretending to be adequately covered by thread barren sheets, I was finally forced to purchase new ones today. Actually, we are having house guests next week which was the true motivator. To go along with my new sheets, and in preparation for guests’ Weekend At the Reed Ranch, I’ve scheduled a weekend  full of household maintenance projects. Chores. Lots of chores.  Ugh.  I’ll be shampooing carpet (since I couldn’t pull the trigger to replace mine), washing windows, sprucing up the patio and cleaning the bottomless pit… closet. While tempted to pout over this, at least I can celebrate the amazing deal I got on sheets, or that I actually remembered how to swipe my debit card….it’s been so long. Wait a minute. I should be thrilled that a new dress didn’t sneak its way into the cart.  I mean, a girl needs something pretty to wear under those sheets….and maybe some furry kitten heel slippers? Anyway, I digress.

Speaking of sheets & sexy slippers, I’d much rather talk about what to wear on the big Valentines Day date.  Red dress is a little cliché for my taste, but I sure wouldn’t mind these….

Of course, I won’t be wearing those. I don’t own them. That complicates things. Darn.  Funny thing is, I could totally justify these shoes, and historically, would have little issue  slapping down a piece of plastic to pay for them. However, shelling out the same amount to re-carpet 3 rooms in my home causes me to pause….to anguish actually. Something is seriously wrong here.

Moving right along, I’m thinking of wearing this dress though…. the Nicole Miller I purchased for the Oscars… of pharmaceutical sales, that is. Swanky. Yea baby (delivered in my best Austin Powers voice).

Ah yes, swanky black hug-ems dress & saucy red shoes.  I suppose if all goes well with the outfit and the nice dinner, the sheets will enjoy proper welcome reception. Night Night.


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