Shoppers Unite To Form a Challenging Aggression Against Me! AGH!

Day 39:  Items Purchased: O, Temptation Radar: 3 (because I allowed myself to peek into Ann Taylor loft, where I was entranced by a sweet little  army camp-like dress.)

I have an extremely good excuse for not posting Day 39 last night like a good girl.  I was kidnapped. Yes. That’s right. Kidnapped and held hostage by another url. Trying my best to escape and login to my WordPress account, a curious little site named held me at bay.

Perhaps it may be a surprise to folks that I lacked awareness of this new spin on the a Group Purchasing Organization; at least it was to my husband who seemed shocked that his addict wife was asleep to such a shopping phenomenon. I had no idea but eagerly embraced a new opportunity for both addiction and obsession. For the remaining  5 people who don’t know, is a website where you submit your hometown or surrounding city along with your email address, in order to locate a “deal of the day”.  Basically it’s one offering that many people purchase, thus enabling the good or service to be sold at lesser cost, in many cases upward of 50%. What a cool idea, right? It’s particularly enticing for me because it doesn’t demand I clip coupons, carry them around in my purse, or do a lot of calculating. Additionally, it’s not a rebate deal where I have to wrestle an impossible box to capture an IPC code, mail it in with a receipt followed by a 6 week waiting period before I benefit. I’ll leave all that to the coupon junkies. Simply put, Click here = Get Deal.

The down side? After all, every good thing has a caveat, and certainly this remains true for The caveat is especially bothersome for people who have been known, at times, to express both addictive and obsessive behaviors. You see, there are no geographical lines drawn on based on the location you submitted. So, if I wake up tomorrow, feeling like a Kansan, I can click on Wichita to find $40 worth of flowers for $20 through FTD. Cool, right?  Absolutely.  That is why, for investigational purposes only–ah hem–, I had to scroll down the locator, thru every city, until 11:45 last night to evaluate each of the deals individually and determine their worth.

Deep discounts on everything from Lightning tickets and mani-pedis to zoo tickets and private tennis lessons, makes most mesmerizing.  Despite the intense pressure to succumb to some of these deals, I was able to escape, unscathed.  A new shopping challenge has presented itself, and very early in the game. Makes me wanna sing “Gotta go get my groupon”. Oh, I almost forgot! I feel really bad for Sherry who will be giving 191 massages in Lakeland. Stinks to be you, Sherry. That’s a whole lot-a rubbin’.


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