Gettin’ Lucky & Keepin’ it Real……

Day 38:  Clothes purhased: 0   Temptation Radar: 3.5….a hangover effect from Lillypalooza, I think.

I just got Lucky…magazine, that is.  Participated in Target fly-by on the way home from work, and purchased shampoo/conditioner, soap, a black eyeliner, m&m’s and a curling iron (because mine broke ), a candle, and a magazine. Big splurge. Huge.  Sorry, I feel compelled to disclose all my purchases, even though they are not clothes. weird. Anyway, I’d like to give a shout out to the Lucky for their article “90 Days of work outfits.”  I totally needed that! Mixing up the wardrobe can be a little daunting when you go to work with a dress code: suits & dresses mostly. Ok. Actually, it’s not really fair for me to blame it on the clothes or the item selection. The real challenge lies in LOCATING the items in that closet.  My closet is a NIGHTMARE. Honestly. No idea what’s in there, just lurking. How do I know this?   I recently realized that I had accidentally purchased the same cardigan 2 times. Who does that? I mean, seriously?

An intervention is imminent. I can feel it.  Considering hiring a team to help me with the excavation project. Any volunteers? Upon completion of my closet cleanse I may do a mini project  entitled “90 Days of Knockoffs”, where I attempt to knock off each outfit pictured in the magazine and post it here. After all, I’ve got 327 days to go. Sigh. I don’t know.

Speaking of knockoffs, I must say I’m not a fan. 10 years ago, I took to the street– Canal Street. This thriving avenue in the heart of Chinatown, NYC, boasts a symposium of faux designer goods which allures not only tacky tourists,  but all those who crave the finer things, yet budget small. The thought of toting a fake Kate Spade or Louis Vuitton seemed hard to resist. The experience itself is a rush. Hopping in the back of vans, traveling into secret rooms, tucked way into the back of the buildings, where they keep the “good stuff”, is serious business. I felt like a pro, negotiating my wares and showing vendors pics of the items for which I was in hot pursuit.  Rolex? Gucci? Louis? They have em’ all.

Crazy thing is, knock-offs just don’t satisfy. Why is that? I brought home bags full of things I never wore; bags I never really carried. Items just stayed in the closet. Why? Because I knew the truth. They weren’t authentic and that bothered me.

The concept of knock-offs illustrates a very important life principle beautifully:

“People want real.”

We all crave authenticity. However, the vulnerability that must be surrendered to achieve this high level of translucency with others is something that people, in general, are not comfortable with or willing to release. So, we keep clutching our knock-offs…hoping no one will notice. As I thought about this, I made a deal with myself: From now on, pursue only the real deal.

I remembered the feelings I experienced coming home with a bag full of fake: silly, cheap dissatisfied, and still longing for real. I compared those emotions to the ones I had 8 years later, when I saved enough cash to score the designer purse of my dreams: pure exhilaration, joy, accomplishment, gratitude & appreciation.

That being said, I made a deal that whether it’s in retail or in life, Aimee does real. Real is worth it. In a toast to transparency, I’m posting a pic of my horrific closet. Just keeping it real.


6 responses

  1. So glad I’m not the only one with a closet like that! Every time I see the closet makeovers in Real Simple magazine with the chandelier and the ottoman for dressing, I want to barf. Who really has a closet like that? Although secretly, I tell my self that one day I will…

  2. Aimee, I so figured you for having a “Carrie” closet (sex n the city movie) with everything organized…get in there girl, organize with clear boxes,etc, and you will feel more inspired to wear all those clothes….trust me I do it every 6 months and find at least 3 designer dresses and a few outfits that still have tags on them…trust me it is sooo much fun!

    • Jaime,
      I actually have it a little more organized that the picture represents. However, this is a worst case scenario. I do have some work to do, however. lol! BTW….when you find those things that you’ve CLEARLY not been missing much, could you send them my way, merci?

  3. Mine is such a disaster that while at church this past weekend my entire shelf ripped from the wall spilling its contents all over the floor. Do you think I picked it up?!? Nope, not a thing. I just look at it and curse it every time I walk in. And just in case I forget the location of my closet…I have a little trail of shoes leading the way, like bread crumbs. I will finally get disgusted enough with myself and clean it. I will march Donovan inside to marvel at my work…and 48 hours later it will be a disaster again. A never ending battle.

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