Panty Poll Results!!!!

Day 37, Part I   Items Purchased: none yet   Temptation Radar: 0, (looking hopeful for a strong finish)

The results are in!

America voted! Just kidding. Many of the readers participated in a poll to decide my fate in regards to undergarments (i.e. hose, tights, undergarments).

The final verdict, with 60 % of the vote is : permission to purchase undergarments with $100 limit for the year!

MUCH thanks to everyone who voted. Seriously. I’m so grateful for this merciful gesture from my readers! I’ll actually be able to purchase some pantyhose & tights.  Thank you! My bare white legs also thank you. Oh, and for the couple of meanies who said “no panties for you”, I stick my tongue out atcha! :p


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