A Prize for the Big Buddha Girl

Day 36: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 10+++, Items Won: 1 (Thank you, Visteball!)

Tonight at VisteBall, a local charity event that involves playing birdie balls & spending lots of tickets all for the sake of assisting the elderly, I snagged this super cute Buddha Bag with Steve’s winnings. So fun! I guess you could say it was my little reward for persevering thru Lillypalooza–a “sick” sale at fave spot, Pink Palm– & Nordstrom Rack with $0 dollars spent and gift cards still warming the inside pocket of my purse. To top it off,  I returned home to find that I’d received my SaksFirst gift card. Remember the rewards programs I mentioned in previous posts? Well, this is card contains a dollar amount for the points earned in 2010. I’ll put that one in the GC fund –saving for a rainy day, after all. What a fabulous day!  Tomorrow, I will deliver details on the Lillypalooza experience. This annual event delivers the a significant shopping restraint challenge and has proven to be a historical pitfall for this shopaholic. It was a hoot and I’ve got the photos to prove it. Until then, I’ll introduce the handsome Buddha to the handbag arsenal and call it a night!


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