Day 32: Items Purchased, 0 Temptation Radar: 2

Although I’m rather postless tonight, I am the poster child for exhaustion. I just returned from the Lightning Game, a shutout for the bolt boys, by the way. It was quite fun, however I wish that my spectatorship did not ride upon the heels of a tumultuous day at work. I’ll snatch a few hours of sleep and head out tomorrow for a Regional Business Meeting. That being said, I feel quite alright about taking a break tonight. Bon Soir.


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  1. Hey Aimee, I could not belive this when I logged on to Matts Fb today and read his post. After completing the Daniel fast I realized so many things about food that had a hold on my life. I continued to seek God and felt he lead me to do a 1 year clothing fast. Mine started in October! I will be praying for you and cheering you on all the way. Shopping has always been a chore and not a treat to me but at the end of the day what girl does nt like a new t-shirt or blouse to go with those jeans 🙂 Anyway I am being completly humbled waering the same few outfits over and over. Oh and did I mention I threw away all my clothes after Sam was born thinking I would never fit into them again. Opps that left me pretty empty in the closet :(. Oh well excited to see how God will speak to me through this this year!! Much love to you !!

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