Day 31, Items Purchased: 1 Gift Certificate, Tempation Radar: 0

The first month of Shopfast was completed today!  The celebration of small victories is essential to obtaining long-term success. Normally, my achievements are commemorated by some form of retail reward. Whether through a blouse, an accessory,  or a new dress, an afternoon of shopping, always yields its worthy reward. I enjoy treating myself when a goal is attained–the whole I deserve it thing, I suppose. Today however, unable to spoil myself, but still craving a par-tay, the pressure was closing in on me–Frivolous Fever began to manifest symptoms.  Doomed to cave on a sequin top & a 50% off sale, I started to perspire a bit. Thankfully, an idea flashed before me just in time. I’ve been missing my favorite local shop, Hattie’s Branches.  What if I could actually support the biz, celebrate success, and walk away shop-free?  Shopping for a friend is the only way! Yes! That’s a brilliant idea. With that, it was full throttle to my little haven of happiness.  I called on the owners to help me surprise a very special friend! We caught it on tape. Cheers to my first month of victory.


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