Maybe It’s Just Me, But…..

Day 30: Items Purchased, 0 Temptation Radar, 0

I still enjoy my coffee in a stoneware mug. I prefer a hardback book to the Kindle. I favor  cds over an itune download. I keep a written calendar, desire handwritten thank-you notes and utilize the same printed address book I’ve carried for 10 years.  Expired residences are handily scratched through for every move–some multiple times. In many cases, names of friends have changed, along with their locations, yet I don’t mind the sloppy edits. People have passed away, new friends have been added. The book remains. It is familiar.

In a sense, I guess you could say I’m old-fashioned.  While technology and innovation make things easier and more convenient much of the time, the things I grew up on….like Walmart vs. Ebay, still suit me best. Admittedly, I drift to the comfort of things I’ve always known and the security of a tangible item in my hand.  From Palm Pilots to ipads, I’ve longed to stay current in the trends of technology, yet always retreat to the good old-fashioned way. Though overwhelming and quite uncomfortable, I’ve continued to invest and learn, but I often feel lost in this cyber-crazed society.

Today was a perfect example: I learned about bloggers. This may seem puzzling, as I’ve now submitted 30 entries into this type of online record.  However, I’m not a real blogger. Frankly, I don’t even follow blogs. I can think of 3 that I’ve regularly visited. 2 photography & 1 fashion. To my amazement, the blogosphere, I learned, is a subculture of craziness surrounding specific topics. For instance, in fashion there are famous blogs, blog forums, sites offering tips for how to gain subscribers, sponsors, links to everything, shopping galore, etc.  I felt queasy and unsettled reading all about details and specifications for blog worthy content and interest. Sadness also set in, because I wondered if there really was any original idea. So many of them looked the same & seemed the same with regard to content. It was overwhelming. I even found myself signing on for a google reader account, allowing me to subscribe to blogs that I could view everyday. Are we in technology overload?  I vowed to re-establish some parameters  and ideals around my blog participation. The only purpose in writing this particular blog is to chronicle a 365 journal of my shopping withdrawl and expose my progress , as it relates to personal growth.  It’s not a fashion blog, although I do enjoy fashion. It’s not a business venture or venue for personal promotion. I’m still amazed that people are actually reading this. I lack professional blogging aspiration, or sufficient skills for that matter; nor do I subscribe to the notion that it’s a truly productive measure of fulfillment. Alas, there is something intriguing about this mass connection worldwide that can only be experienced through social media such as a blog or Facebook. There is a strange compulsion to confide into this online journal.  Hilariously, it’s pretty mysterious and a heck of a lot of fun!  I wonder if 30 years from now we’ll be mesmerizing our grandkids with stories of  “back in the good ol’days when Papa & I blogged……”

I suppose my hope is that as technology and time progress, the vintage components of my life will become more precious and more valuable….I’ll still linger over french press coffee in my Portmerion mug, while hand addressing a letter to a friend. Some things, after all, are meant to savor.  Speaking of savoring, I’m including a keepsake I created from my travels. This photo features Didier Ludot, the world-famous Vintage Couture Shop in Paris.  I was starstruck by the gallery, the window display and the moment; tears being a sure indicator of my emotion. Vintage gowns galore and of course, a Birken museum in my opinion. It is iconic….a special reminder that despite life’s progression and technological advancement, some things will always remain legendary and most treasured in their original state.


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