The Pigbucks Stop Here.

Day 28:   Items Purchased, 0; Temptation Radar: 6

The only bucks spent today were Pig Bucks. 27 of them to be exact. Pork sliders, Ribs, Brisket. Good gracious.  Pig Fest is my hometown’s premier BBQ event, loaded with family friendly good times. From serious professional porkers to your typical backyard buddies, everyone eats his fill and awaits the news of the best in show.

Speaking of Best in Show, shall we discuss the first of my all-day shopping adventures for 2011 and how it panned out?  I actually shopped the entire day today– with an accountability group of course–my mother, my sister-Kristin, son-Owen, and daughter-Olivia. Victoriously, I strutted home with 0 purchases and $0 spent! My only guilty indulgence was a delicious cinnamon roll from Ikea.  The enormous blue warehouse is the perfect place to taunt a shopping addiction, simply because it has a little of everything, is ridiculously inexpensive, and meets practicality criteria in such a way that spends are generally pretty justifiable. If one can make it out of IKEA with $0 spent, she is mastering the art of ShopFast.  Who doesn’t have a home improvement project that couldn’t use the frosting of some cute whatnot from the Swedish marvel? Today’s trip was unusually fun because it was the inaugural journey for my mother, who’s countenance upon entering could be likened to a newly appointed Saint through the gates of heaven. I call it “ethereally glazed with a touch of drool”. She oo’d and aw’d. We spent at least 3 hours wandering the aisles. My sister was focused on her baby preparation project, while I chased “Thing 1 & Thing 2” around the store like an acid-tripped chicken the entire time. It was eventful, to say the least. Owen and Olivia did a number of tricks including, yet not limited to, dancing around with a wastebasket on their heads, filling the basket with extras, and throwing themselves on the floor with Oscar-worthy performances of “PLEAASSSEE DON’T SPANK ME MOMMY!” I’m standing in the store, black plastic spatula in hand having imaginations of the personnel blasting over the loud-speaker “Attention Ikea customers, would Olivia & Aimee Reed please come to customer service, we have DOCF waiting here for you.” By the way, if you haven’t seen this one, we should really get together soon and give you the opportunity.

As if we’d not had enough, we traveled further west to Hyde Park Village, where we visited both Pottery Barn & Pottery Barn kids, coupled with one of my personal favorites, Anthropologie. Thankfully, Pottery Barn did not stock the bedding I was looking for, which spoiled my fun. In the kids version of the store, between the children scaling the walls , and my sister’s baby registry, I was far too consumed with duty to think of purchasing anything. Alas, there was Anthropologie. Oh, brother.  This place is like the mecca of eclectic fabulousness. Groovy, quirky, fashion fun with something creative and whimsical to suit anybody’s fashion taste. Two steps in and my palate was wet.

Salivation inititated over the most delicious dress: D’armee by Parameter. A haute military inspired union of viscose, rayon, polyester & a hint of spandex. Yummy, by my standards and perfected by the hint of femininity it displays in a gloriously full A-line skirt. The functionality and classic nature of this little cutie enticed me right away. I was in love.  Sunk. For sure. Yet, knowing the road set before me, I declined the offer to try it on. We didn’t go a step further and B-lined for the exit door. I am fully aware of my limitation. Anthropologie is a trap; a gigantic stumbling block.

So, I survived another day. Feeling assured, as I’ve withstood some of the greatest pressure points in clothing retail, home goods and beyond, I made the trip home.  In celebration, I rooted up in some serious BBQ. The buck stopped there.


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