Regarding Big Girl Pants, The Readers Shall Decide My Fate….

Day 29: Items Purchased, 0  Temptation Radar: 0

It appears as though I have a dilemma.  Realizing I’m the creator of the regulations for Project ShopFast, and being obsessively committed to following them, I find myself in an uncomfortable predicament.  Is it realistic to think I may go 365 days without maintenance in the undergarment arena? Recently, I discussed an incident of being miraculously rescued by a pair of fish net hose lurking discreetly in my room. While I rejoiced in the novelty of their application to my outfit, I cannot deny truth; they were the divine intervention to a glaring problem: an embarrassing pantyhose deficit. Today, the problem remains. For that matter, what about other undergarments? Shall I suffer the remaining 11 months without the option of refreshing unmentionables?  Ignoring this will only temporarily delay the inevitable: me, curled up in a corner, pouting with my panties in a wad, most literally. I need a collaboration–a game plan, if you will.  Willing to “swear to my own hurt” based on the originally stated guidelines, I can endure, uncomfortably–but willingly. However, as I’ve learned from many a governing structure, if ambiguity presents itself, the issue in question is escalated to a higher authority. Today, that authority shall be: THE READERS.

By participating in a poll, YOU will decide whether or not I am authorized to purchase items such as pantyhose, tights, undergarments and how often.  The verdict will be announced next Saturday, February 5th at 9pm, when poll is finalized. Regardless of the outcome, I’ll put on my big girl pants & carry on.

I hope you will help. Merci!


6 responses

  1. I did vote and realistically you probably did not say “I am not shopping for 1 year, how is my stock of panties and hosiery”, and therefore plan ahead. I went with the only panties and hosiery with the money. If you don’t set a limit then your fast for the year will probably not last. You are the only one who has truly seen your underthings wardrobe and can, honestly, say if you truly need to shop for these items.

  2. Aimee, I think you should have a $50 limit. $100, come on! I am sure that you have a plethora of undergarments as you do everything else. I do understand there might be an emergency situation, so $50 should cover those needs and limit you to the basics! I am anxious to see if you can survive this project! Love ya!

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