The Closet’s Assault.

Day 26, Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Interestingly enough, a stroke of design genius knocked me square in the nose this morning. Perhaps that sounds like some exaggeration? Honestly, I was unexpectedly pegged by a box of scarves and belts that fell from the top of my closet as I was searching for today’s outfit. Note to self: If you sense something descending upon you in a tight space, don’t look up. After coddling this mild injury for a few moments, as I camped on the floor of my closet, my eyes met a thin, navy, silk rope belt hanging beneath the hemlines of the dresses. Well, hot dog! Could that be my silk sheath hiding there? Behold, I discovered the Britt Ryan silk sheath I’d purchased over the summer. It is light & airy, gorgeous blue silk with a racer-back design; the closest thing to a ladies Speedo I’ll ever own.

Categorically, racer-back styles belong in the summer wardrobe section of any well-organized closet. On the other hand, in an area of catastrophic disaster like my clothes cave, the resurrection of such an article amidst winter blazers is unquestionably identified as a curious twist of fate, inviting unconventional analysis. “Could I actually wear this–right now?” I carefully deliberated this point, noting that the current temperature is, well… nippy, and tights would be required; preferably a rosy-nude textured tight–flowery, to be precise. Several moments later, I sighted another fashion fave: a champagne color ruffle-neck silk shell. It occurred to me that I could actually layer this blouse underneath the dress in a way that created the illusion of a dainty cap sleeve with ruffle collar. The dress has a scoop neck, so the addition of the blouse’s small line of ruffle blanketing the neckline while peeking out perfectly under each shoulder strap, composed a heavenly result. I was extremely pleased, to say the least. An entire new outfit! A novel discovery was unearthed in a closet of limitations, all because I was tragically assaulted in my own closet! Cool. Innovative. Fresh. Satisfying. Aged. Paid for. Is this the sort of thing I can expect when I “stretch” myself?

Realizing this year the option of adding a brand new blouse to trousers I already have, or snagging the latest trendy jacket is a welcomed impossibility, I am pressed to appreciate and utilize everything in my closet. Each piece must shine individually, braced for an opportunity to be showcased in a unique way. I considered, for a moment, finishing the look with a long neutral cardigan and pearls. Certainly the combination would be classically conservative option.

Wait. No Way.

Diva discovery mandates a bit of pomp and circumstance. You know, that kind of red carpet-spot lights-circling, paparazzi-flash drama. Speaking of drama, “Where are my Fords?”, I thought.  I quickly tossed the cardigan, slid into 4″ cognac platform stilettos, & rocked the Marc Jacobs fur bomber jacket…. for work. With a quick glance in the mirror, a Cinderella spin and shades on, I was out the door! Clearly, I conquered the first battle of the closet war. Perhaps the wardrobe will think twice before taking another hit on me.


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