State of My Union

Day 25, Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 4 (Triggered by mild frustration & a little sadness)

Frankly, I had no energy to post last night. The day was extremely taxing and frustrating for me. With the best intentions of open-mindedness & optimism, I still fell asleep in the middle of the state of the union. No offense, Mr. President.  I awoke abruptly 12:00am to a shattering sound. Steve was working in the living room and knocked one of my small imari plates off the wall. It startled Olivia, who started to wail, and ended up in my bed. All this is going on, when it occurred to me that I’d not submitted my post for the day. Throwing my hands up, I surrendered to table it until today. So, there will be two posts. I’ll report back if I’m able to endure another day in the pressure cooker. For now, I think we could all use a little laugh, and in honor of the President’s inspiring remarks on America’s economic rebound & hope toward our ability to pioneer future innovation, I’d like to offer my perspective. The picture below illustrates it perfectly. Make sure you do your part! Here’s looking toward a brighter day!


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