Cotton Candy

Day 22,  Items Purchased : 0  Tempation Radar: 0 ( but I did think about a couple of clothing wishes)

The closet is a funny place, really. Some days, you enter it amazed by all the possibilities, pairings and potential. Those few items stand out, about which you say “Oh, man I love that one. Just wish I had some place to wear it!” Or, you admire the fabulous blouse, that can be worn several different ways or paired with various other items. These are the times when shopping your closet is a blast. Yet, the likelihood remains that you may enter that same closet, perhaps even that same week, encountering a different view.This time, your wardrobe is akin to a barren wasteland; desolate, hopeless and void of any inspiration. You think to yourself, “There’s nothing in here. I have nothing to wear. I’m going to have to pick up something on my way home from work for dinner tonight”, as if the execution of your outfit is a grocery stop before supper.  How is this possible? How is it that we are so fickle about our own clothes?

I experienced the latter of the two scenarios this morning. The weather was chilly, but not freezing. All of my sweaters, and I do mean ALL of them are currently at the cleaners. The plan was to layer, until I realized a T-shirt deficit. Seriously? How could it be possible that I’d only have 1, overly worn, stained and stretched long sleeve T-shirt? Well, anyway, no worries, it still wears well. With that, I was off for the day.

I spent the morning with a friend, enjoying pedicure and great conversation. Later, I returned home and started on the Saturday chore list.  A beautiful pot of tulips was sitting on the kitchen table. “Who brought these tulips?” I asked. “I did. They are for you.”, Steve responded. How great is that! Flowers for no reason! The day is really getting along great. I continue the dusting, vacuuming when I hear  Steve calling for me. ” Hey! Aimee! Merry Christmas!” Suddenly, I see something fluffy & white fly across the room. OH MY WORD! A brand new, J. Crew, white long sleeve T-shirt! ” I don’t know how I missed this when I wrapped the gifts, but it was supposed to be part of your Christmas!”

“This is Cotton Candy”, I thought! I drooled, and oo’d & ahh’d over this white t-shirt for 10 minutes. Never happier to see a new shirt in my life, I thanked him immensely.  Such a sweet gesture. Such a sweet day. Looking back on it, I find it interesting  that even this very morning I was wondering about T-shirts, became slightly dissatisfied with my selection, yet so resolute and focused. Amazingly enough, despite the unspoken nature of my desire, a solution was granted. It was kind of like manna from heaven if you ask me. Just what I needed, in a time where i couldn’t do it myself.

A white T-shirt. A sweet husband. A special gift.  I just love cotton candy.


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