Livierella & the Princess who got away

Day 21: Items purchased: 0, Temptation: o

Today we visited Disney World to celebrate Olivia’s 3rd birthday, 2 months late. Our family believes in making a birthday celebration a full quarter year event. We dined with princesses, bibbity-bobbity-boutiqued it, and experienced the magic.  I must say, with regard to shopping, I had no temptation. Olivia, on the other hand, did experience some retail torment. Prior to our retreat, we visited the princess gift shop, having extensively discussed the fact nobody would be taking home stuffed toys, t-shirts, etc. this trip.  However, we’d agreed that lollipops would be a perfect treat for the drive home, so that was our plan. In the midst of “Operation: Lollipop”, Liv discovered a beautiful Snow White doll. She was in love, and decided to carry the princess around with her the entire time she browsed. She stared longingly at her, while making grand efforts to sell me on all the reasons Snow White needed to join our family; namely, “because she neeeeeds to!” At the end of our time, remembering the rules expressed regarding keepsakes, Olivia, with great disappointment, placed Snow White back on the shelf. “How about we see her tomorrow, k?”, she said.  I looked at her with a fusion of sadness and pride; such a quirky combination of emotions. Being well-aquainted with the difficulty of such a decision, I offered my empathy.”I know how ya feel, I sighed, as I scooped her up in my arms and headed for the door. Tonight, perhaps no remarkable discovery was made, nor do I have a serious shop struggle to share. But, I can affirm that whether you’re 2 or 82, pressure will always make time to visit. Sometimes you’ve gotta make the tough decision to walk away, but it’s as commendable as it is difficult. 


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