Dear Nordstrom,

Day 20. Items purchased: 0. Temptation Radar: 2

Dear Nordstrom,

I hope this correspondence finds you well. I would like to apologize for my absence over the last several weeks. Sadly, I had to avoid the half-yearly mens sale due to this very aggressive shopping rehabilitation program I’ve engaged for 2011. It is true that I will be on a bit of a break, particularly from clothing for an entire calendar year. In the beginning, being that it was only clothes-focused, I felt sure I would be able to visit periodically and perhaps dabble in accessory purchases, namely sunshades, by my favorite designer, who will remain nameless here. However, throughout the course of these first 20 days, my conscience convicts ceaselessly; and I’m realizing that the breadth of the fast may expand far beyond clothes. This is heart-wrenching, as I miss you so. Isn’t that how things usually work? One agrees to something, naive to the fact that only minimum expectations have been expressed, learning later that other requirements are many. This brings me to the point I’d like to discuss regarding your statement. I did receive it. Enclosed is the pay stub with the remaining balance submitted in full. This is bittersweet, as I know we will not be visiting together for some time. Nevertheless, it is necessary in this quest for personal refinement. Don’t be jealous.  I realize that you were the former source of much of my satisfaction, but we must stop using each other. You, so smug, tempting me with your fabulous service, generous return policy, point program and annual Christmas Party. I always feel at home, as it reminds me of my own family’s event: dress up, be friendly and let the people try their best to liquidate all of your resources. thank you for all of the good times.



I’m falling asleep, so I haver to go. Very soon I will be discussing the topic of the shopping protection plan. adieu!


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