Fisher Of Sales & A Nod To Coco

Day 19, Items Purchased: 0 Temptation Radar: 4, NEED RADAR: 10!

To purchase or not to purchase? That is the question. Today began with a certifiable resentment toward Shopfast. As if I didn’t have enough early morning brain bombardment, I found myself suddenly thrust into a sock drawer crisis. I was uptight over tights. A nylon nightmare of catastrophic proportion struck, to which seemingly, I had no recourse. The lone pair of black stockings were torn, every nude pair railed with runs from north to south and I was in a dilemma. I felt my blood pressure simmering and sensed my temptation to quit, brooding.  Can a sister just get some leg wear, Puh-lease? What’s a $6 pair of tights going to hurt? I’ll trade Starbucks for 3 days. That seems fair. WHO CARES? You can’t go 365 days w/out pantyhose!  The rationalization continued, yet something inside refused to concede.

Get creative. What do you have?

Searching endlessly, in drawers, baskets, shelves, nooks, crannies, finally, I found……..FISHNETS!

That’s right, baby. Fishnets. Dramatic hoisery suitable for the nature of this highly dramatic morning; I’d found the solution!  Alas, I’ll create a theme! Today, shall be “Ode to Coco Chanel.” High Fashion & couture drama would be the goal. I began the royal wardrobe ceremony, by sliding into my favorite Black Structured Sheath; scooped neck with cap sleeves. Next, I indulged the dynamic contrast of winter white patent leather pumps and gold embellishments with the jet black fishnet stockings. Ivory beads dripping  with pave crystal balls and chained tassel dangling around my neck. The ensemble was completed by the Bangle Bracelet Revolution: an entire army of them marching up 3 quarters of my arm, shining their glittery armor brilliantly. By this time, my frown is inverted and I’m feeling rather iconic. Ok, let’s just face it: feeling SAUCY. Oh, the ecstasy of this fabulous Fishnet!

My confidence quickly translated into corporate joy as I, equipped in my nets, headed to work and became fisher of sales. Every component of my job was flourishing! My calls were effective & potent, my customers engaged. I couldn’t help but wonder if the nudge toward creativity had actually sparked a revival of spunk that spilt over, quite generously into my professional interactions. When a kind physician walked into the conference room and said “Wow, you look like Chanel today”, I knew the nets were the lucky charm.

My glee continued throughout the day. Suddenly, I was having fun with ShopFast again, rather than cursing it under my breath.  The icing? During the last call of the day, I was mid-sentence with another customer when he stopped me and said,  “Your socks. Did you get those in France? They are really into that look over there. Very nice.” I laughed out loud, completely lost my train of thought, answering, “Why yes, I did. In fact, you can just call me Coco.”


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