Everybody Needs a Happy Place

Day 18, Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Shopfree, that’s me! Didn’t think much about it, really.  But, I did reflect a bit on my newfound happy place. Over the weekend, I edited trip pictures and began my attempt at assembling a memory book.  My mind drifted back to my original plans to visit in the spring of 2000. The voyage was to be 4 weeks: London, Paris, and Barcelona. I remembered the difficult decision I made to cancel that trip the evening before I was to board the plane. It is the only moment in my life where known mystery bordered me on every side. If I landed in London that day, what would have been? Yet, because I stayed, look at what has become.


10 years later, I made it and greeted the beautiful city which, unknowingly, would become the catalyst to a personal transformation. It will be remembered by me as the place where I experienced a revival of aspiration and hope. I’m really not fully prepared to talk about the depth of that this evening, and perhaps I will omit it entirely from this chronicle. Nevertheless, Paris provided fresh perspective which I desperately needed. It reminded me of hopes I’d left behind, and inspired me through its art, architecture, literature and passion, whispering that it’s never too late for rediscovery.   On day 18 of shopfast, I’m just happy. Content. Therefore, I would like to retire for the evening thinking about my happy place……


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