Help! It’s the Hormones!

Day 17. Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 5

In 2009 a brilliant article came out noting something for which I’ve ALWAYS been keenly aware. It was a British study conducted by Dr. Karen Pine and the University of Hertfordshire, that revealed women actually benefit therapeutically when shopping and thus are able to change their negative emotions associated with menstrual cycle.   The study revealed that over 2/3 of the women who were in the later stages of their menstrual cycle bought something on impulse.  After the article was published, the doctor was quoted:

“They are feeling stressed or depressed and are more likely to go shopping to cheer themselves up and using it to regulate their emotions.”

Welcome to the party, Dr. Pine!  Perhaps you could have saved significant time and resources on that one, had you consulted me first! For the record, I actually could have been a volunteer subject over a 3 month rotation, and you’d have stood to gain generously,from my “spill-over” shopping. Ya know, whoever is in the line of fire is always affected some way.

Truth is, some of my most egregious shopping infractions have occurred during this vulnerable time of the month.  Suprisingly, the spree for me, isn’t instigated by sadness, but rather as a deterrent; a distraction from ripping somebody a new one.  The shopping keeps me from lashing out at others. But, this remedy is pretty crazy when it’s in full effect. I’ve booked flights for trips I’ve not taken, purchased shoes that should have required a co-signer, and come home with an entire new wardrobe just because I came in contact  with a mall on day 14 of the cycle.  About 4 months ago, I left Marshall’s in a fine fit of hormonal imbalance with 3 designer purses, 4 pair of shoes and God knows what else, only to go home collapse on the bed and ball my brains out for 45 minutes. 3 days later, receipt in hand, fully composed, I strolled back in unapologetically, returned the bags and blamed it all on mild schizophrenia.

Today, I found myself in this same scenario, but with NO outlet….no release. So very dangerous. I felt cruddy, irritated and fell victim to a series of unfortunate work related events. Realizing that I was a certifiable risk to all co-workers and myself, I holed up with my computer this afternoon, finished my business plan, and studied intently on a new product.  I did not dare go near a retail establishment of any kind. This intensive work was accompanied by my ingestion of 7 mini Hershey bars, a snack bag of chips ahoy cookies and a hot chocolate.  I did feel a therapeutic effect about 20 minutes afterward, but it was short-lived. I guess it’s safe to say, that although I survived my first of 12 incidences of  shopping hormone havoc, it may prove to attach a weighty price.


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