“What’s Your Status?”

Day 16 Items Purchased: 0  Temptation Radar: 0

“24 Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris. December 2nd. She stares longingly in the window, snow flurries brushing her coat, her breath fogging the glass, stirred in a cocktail of  exhilaration and guilt, for it is clear the soul barrier poised between her and the object of affection is the door and her conscience. Permission has been granted by her husband, or rather his objection successfully overruled. Her salesmanship of the article’s exquisiteness and value were superbly illustrated.  She is convinced that obtainment will prove to be “moment”, not just a purchase. The marking of a successful trip; something quintessentially French and iconic, is hers to behold. Furthermore, she’s been well-disciplined & selective in her shopping, not having purchased anything, strategically saving her energy & resources for that one exceptional gift.  It is worth it. Claire swings wide the door, marches straight to the case and gives the sales clerk every indication that she came to play.  With a subtle exchange of payment, she gracefully secures her very first Hermes  large silk scarf: Current collection. Hues of apricot, coral & goldenrod; her very best colors. It is soft silk; glorious & vibrant. Classic Hermes design with subtle insignia makes it a masterpiece, a show-stopper to be certain. Blood raced through her, as the shop clerk carefully tied it around her neck in a variety of ways, extremely attentive to her personal preferences. The euphoric glee was indescribable as the garment was delicately wrapped and placed in the orange box tied with brown satin ribbon.  It is no secret, the status symbol of a French woman is her Hermes silk scarf. She has joined the ranks of the elite. It is fashion grandeur at its finest.”

Status symbol. What is status anyway? I have given this much thought lately. Pop culture brings pressure to bear on every aspect of life, with the issue of “status” being at the forefront.  Whether your weakness is fashion, luxury cars, jewels, etc. there is always an “object” that is aimed to help categorize your worth. Perhaps it is none of those things, yet one is pressed in the area of neighborhood, school choice, vacation spots, social groups, the list goes on. Seems kind of nutty, but in so many ways I’ve fallen prey to this over the years.  A decade ago, when I married Steven, we spent a portion of our honeymoon in NYC. While shopping, I realized that my visit necessitated a memento. Not just any keepsake, however, it must appear in the “little blue box”. As society would have it, Tiffany’s, especially on 5th Avenue in New York, signifies status….really special. Don’t get me wrong, I loved and still adore the beautiful Elsa Peretti cross, but the enthrallment of Tiffany’s? Were there not a million other lovely silver crosses elsewhere that could have equally symbolized the significance of that moment in time? I think of other things that have drawn me in over the years: Status bags, restaurants, hotels; symbols of grandeur. Could it be that a significant motivation in my shopping as been the desire to achieve some sort of status? I don’t know for sure. That’s the honest truth.  I hope not. But it is on the table for exploration.

Status is a funny thing. Status High. Status Low. Facebook Status. Status Quo. Everyone is intrigued by status. Where are you? What are your thoughts, position on things? What’s the status at work? Status in your marriage? Status in your finances?Status on your health? Status on your political views?  We want to know one another’s state,while creating qualifiers because in some strange way, it connects us and creates relativity among us, yet sets suitable boundaries as well. Sadly, the subject of status and quest to obtain it also reveals the potential for a false sense of hope and security, if we embrace an unhealthy view. Yet,  it is influential in assigning some idea of  societal worth whether we want to admit it or not.  We must only learn how to navigate amongst it and balance it with truth.

My Status: no quo, carefree, shop-free. just me.


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