Hattie’s Branches. Oh, how I love ……

Day 14, Items Purchased: 0; Temptation Radar: 8 out of 10 (due largely in part to the gorgeous Trinity Leaf trimmed silk blouse I tried on at Hattie’s)

Fatigue & Severe indigestion this evening prevent me from really diving into this blog. It’s not clear if the indigestion was induced by the left over chili we chowed this evening or the heartache I experienced from the most delightful silk tunic I left over in my very favorite local boutique today.

This morning, my children seemed to be the pawns postured to exert pressure against my project. 8:48am, I’m rolling down South Florida Avenue, Starbucks tall Pike’s Place in hand loaded with cream and two Splenda. 2 small children are harnessed in carseats chomping on chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I did say cookies. Yes, that’s how we roll. All good days begin with dessert. The radio is pumping vocal stylings of Kim Walker to which we offer our best harmonious accompaniment. We are park bound. Glancing at the automobile thermostat, noting that it reads 41 degrees, I couldn’t be happier about this adventure. I’m pretty sure we will have the park to ourselves.

All of the sudden, Olivia shrieks from the back seat “MOM! HATTIE’S BRANCHES!!!!!!! WE GO DERE ATER DA PARK. OK ,MOM?” Sure enough, to my right I realize that we are, in fact passing my very favorite local clothing boutique. How did she see that? No. Like, not okay. Not at all. No. No. No. I cannot go to Hattie’s. Needless to say, the park day was, escorted by a desire to meet Olivia’s request.  On a side note, the owners are also my sweet friends. How can I go an entire year without a visit? You shouldn’t punish friends just because you’ve made a meager lifestyle change, right? Bottom line: We went. Just as I suspected, it was fashion deliciousness everywhere. The savory silk styling of a whimsical botanically-inspired, smokey tunic captured me right away. Billowy sleeves, a subtle monochromatic thick stripe pattern adding a bit of spunk, with hand-sown leaf cuts embellishing the neckline. My breath. Please, I need it back.  Turn tag over  to find a modest price. Thank you. Have to try this on! Perfection. It fit beautifully, the color was sublime. Olivia was cheering! We had a winner.

I stood, frozen in wonderment. I gazed a little longer, my aspiration waltzing toward accessories, and shoes. I actually considered wrecking this entire project right then and there. It was actually a stronger point of internal contention than the recent Target incident. I loved this blouse. Studying myself in the mirror and the movement of my body in this top, I began to remember all the other “must have” items of times past; how Amanda & Mandy would help me narrow down from 6 items to 3 and we’d celebrate my procurement. Happy Times. Trips to the shoppe and purchases of little treats for myself have been bright spots on a bad day, a break in the middle of a stressful workweek. To think that I will have to endure  11 1/2 more months of these moments? It was all hitting me as I stared endlessly at myself in the long mirror. I was not excited at all. Then, as I glanced over at Amanda, with a crooked smile clearly indicating that I was torn, she spoke directly “It’s really pretty, but you don’t need it”. I sighed with relief, as I remembered exactly why I’m going to finish this course.

Please pardon me, as I reach for the tums………


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