Day 13: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0  not an ounce.

Word on the street says that the weather is rather chilly throughout the nation. 48 states had snow on the ground yesterday, and most of the blanketed areas cancelled work & school, particularly in southern states, as the people aren’t equipped with snow tires, shovels and such. Bizarrely enough, arctic snowstorm was not the only unusual headline of the week. Who could forget the rampage shooting in Arizona? Shocking. Devastating. Senseless. Today, a family buried their little girl.

The seasons are conveying a message: Life is intensifying.  Despite confidence in our greatest hope, situations and events arise leaving us confounded, shaking the foundation of our being. Yet, purpose is whispering to each of us, nudging us to take our place, imploring us to stand firm. What shall we say?

I imagine that in the quiet local medical facility I visited today, many felt snowed in by their circumstance. An illness strikes and suddenly, the world stops. For a father of 3 who has taken the day off to receive chemotherapy, the focus has shifted from the importance of tomorrow’s board meeting to canceling the entire afternoon in order to cheer on his 8-year old at the youth basketball game.  He laments a little, the ease of life during his healthy days, and prays the nausea will be bearable this evening.  Purpose redefined.

For the folks I met today, purpose isn’t some grandiose pie-in-the-sky dream. It’s not romantic or fantastical. Purpose=living. Making it count. Finishing strong. I pondered this relentlessly over the next hour. People continued to shuffle through the glass doors of  the cancer center while I sat peacefully at the baby grand piano. As my fingers poured over the keys, in melodies new and refreshing to me, I wondered if I was embarking upon a new sense of purpose.  After all, it was purpose, who beckoned me there in the first place. I submit that we don’t have to wait until we’re served notice on our life to decide we want to live.

Through intensity, and uncertainty, we remain able and fully equipped to weather any storm if we can keep our eyes on the prize. We hold the ability to serve others if we’ll step away from the view of ourselves. For the past two years, I’ve spent my Thursdays dropping kids off at preschool and indulging at Target or Marshall’s; obsessing nauseatingly over the next best fashion “whatever”. Although, I still love shopping and lovely things, I can’t help but indulge this need to edit more than my closet. Brave people are weathering storms and we can be there to help them plow through.


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  1. One of our pastors always says don’t wait until the funeral to give your flowers… Give your roses today. That is something I always try to remember.

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