Hole-y Crap!

Day: 12 ; Items Purchased: 0 ; Temptation Radar: 2 (because my favorite Lakeland boutique is having a sale)


Even the furniture is conspiring against me.  My own chest of drawers is launching a catastrophic plot to exhaust my resolve by forcing me to approach the sticky issue of replacement clothing. Monday morning, I was set to wear one of my favorite black pencil skirts. This particular style is adorned with pairs of  buttons all the way down the length and has a belt. It is a high waisted frock and very fitted. So, of course blouse selection is important; not too flouncy or volumous, simple in design, lighweight, and complimentary to the skirt all are vital qualifications. Believe it or not, it’s quite tricky for me to pair, because of my fondness of beads, sequins, patterns and embellishments. Nonetheless, I had one perfect option: a forest green tissue tee turtle neck. In a bit of a rush, I pulled open the overcrowded drawer to grab it off the top, only to find it was caught on something. I tugged a tad harder and heard a small ripping noise. Oh, Great. Upon examination, I discovered that the catch on the top inside of the drawer had trapped the garment and cut a small hole, the puncture being right into the tummy of the shirt.  Normally, I would have been irritated, but not distraught. This moment, however was different as it occurred to me,

“Oh my word, I can’t replace this!”

My mind started spinning in a hundred different directions, thinking of all the items that are already due for review and will not likely make it the entire year; you know, the staples: white Tee shirts, my favorite pair of jeans, the 3 year old silk J. Crew ruffle blouse (my absolute favorite). What if I shrink my favorite pair of jeggings? Oh gracious, that would call for a complete meltdown!

Panic. Panic. Panic.

I argued with myself for several long minutes on revising the playbook for this crazy shopfast. I couldn’t get a release. The bottom line is this: If it can’t be replaced via gift card, then it won’t be. Wow. That’s rough, but it’s part of the voyage.  Now, I’m thinking a little more carefully about the care of the clothing. This certainly wasn’t an issue I expected to analyze. I absolutely could be caring for these things a little better. And, the Gift Cards? Originally, I thought they were the cushion for a bad day or a whim. Suddenly, they’ve become the Emergency Relief Fund, limited in quantity and reserved for neccessity. What a BUMMER. But, what a cool lesson!

I did find another shirt, was able to salvage the outfit and make it to work on time. I may even learn to mend a garment. How is that for activity diversification? It is the end of day 12, and I’ve had a long one.  Still no shopping, and I’m feeling fine. I am pretty sleepy, though. Goodnight!


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