eHow shows Me How……

Day 11: Items Purchased: 0 Temptation Radar: 2 out of 10 (because I let myself fantasize about spring fashion a bit. sigh)

Today, I conducted research about strategies for overcoming shopping addiction. Of course, I am not addicted (#1 sign denial), but remain committed to discovering all things “shopping” for this 365 project. I stumbled upon a very interesting article on The author tells me,

“If you fear that you may be addicted to shopping, build up your awareness of your shopping urges. When you experience an urge to go shopping (online or offline), recognize the urge and make a mental note of it, but try not to give into it. Think of other things you can do to prevent you from giving in to the powerful urge to shop. You could exercise, for instance, or go for a walk, or meditate, or talk to a friend, or take a drive, or call your significant other who can help “talk you down” from your shopping craving and get you back on track.”

Read more: How to Overcome Shopping Addiction |

I analyzed each suggested addictive shopper rehabilitation activity, determining that EXERCISE is right out; I gave it up cold turkey several years ago. Oddly enought, I’ve also exhausted my entire friend & family circuit  with my crazy shop talk. Excessive driving is in my job description, is not a useful remedy. However, prayer and meditation seems reasonable. In preparation for Pink Palm’s upcoming Widow’s Revenge Sale, which is basically an annual Lillypalooza  where everything is 50-70-% off, I decided to implement this particular strategy for the sake of experimentation. 

I think it’s working.


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