“I Deserve it!”

Buzz. Buzz. Always 2 buzzes. Always beginning at 5:00 am. Alarm clock? No. It’s my cell phone, a Blackberry update to be specific. Who in the world would be summoning me at this time of morning? The committed ones. The faithful ones. They are dependable, informative, concise and consistent. The wake-up committee consists of Horchow.com, Potterybarn.com,Shindigz.com,Nordstrom.com.  Really good customers always receive LOTS of email. How nice. Today, I was especially thankful for the kind notifications because I had to get an early start for  a meeting in Tampa.

It was to be the first District meeting of 2011, and for me that usually means a lengthy 8 hours of  corporate crisis & solution strategies and talks on how we are so instrumental in the company’s transformation. Postured at the helm of saving the company and leading it toward future growth is very taxing and tows a weighty barrel of responsibility. The mental strain requires a suitable reward. Over the years, I have studied the in and outs of these corporate interactions and my emotional  response to them. With this knowledge, I have been able to devise a generous, but reasonable incentive program. The perfect program designed to lift my spirits after an arduous day on the job, while rewarding my positive behavior. The system is also effective for bandaging any wounds obtained throughout the day.  This “Because I Deserve It” system is structured to take the guilt out of indulgence, celebrate the procurement of success while also providing a savvy shopping algorithm.


Sat 8 hours in the same seat w/ smile and positive attitude = 1 accessory of choice

Showed kindness to a confrontational teammate= 1 pair of Tory Burch Reva Flats

Refrained from tooting own horn: 1 silk blouse

Drank the corporate kool-aid:  1 Hobo wallet

Did not correct boss when he was clearly wrong: 1 Rock n’ Republic Denim jean

Shared Best Practices: 1 infiniti scarf

Shunned all Negativity: 1 pair of fun sunshades.

Now, clearly I can not accomplish all of these goals, but it gives me something to strive for. I am pleased to report that on this DAY 5 of shopfast, I have yet to enter a shopping establishment. I must admit, it felt pretty sweet to fly down 275 while blowing a kiss at Nordstrom Rack.


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