Lengthy Blog Offender? May The Punishment Suit the Crime!

Day 4: Items Purchased, 0; Temptation Radar , .5 on a scale of 10.

Last night my husband whined emphatically about the lengthy blog post. “Are you going to write that much EVERY DAY for 365 days?????” There was a long, uncomfortable silence as I tried to interpret exactly what he was trying to say. With males, the words that rocket fire from the hole often have manifold meaning. Further, their questions are rather designed to be statements or commands for which the listener should heed. (Interpretation: You are not going to blog for that long everyday.) I, as usual offered a most profound response: “I.Don’t.Know.”  When I sit down each evening to pen this, I’m usually not even certain of what I will say. Truth is, my thoughts are usually sandwiched somewhere between gratitude for another small victory in flesh crucifixion & frustration that I’ve committed to writing this freakin’ blog for 365 days. Nonetheless,Thank you love, for your concern about my emotional state; your worry that sharing too much detail may be excruciating for me.  I realize now that some may view, painfully, each post and consider it some form of punishment to witness a fellow sister’s suffering through this selfless task of shopping surrender.  These are the reasons you were so distraught about the length, right love?
Anyway, speaking of punishment; I believe that punishment should always suit the crime. Today, I’m still a law abiding citizen of this shopfast playbook. However, what shall the sentence be for this sad soul? I mean, who wears this sort of thing anyway?
Fashion emergency? Fashion-Forward? Fashion faux pas? I’ll leave you to decide. Meanwhile, I will continue to  tame the lioness within who would really love to pounce up on some nordstrom.com right about now. Instead, I proceed in my journey with Madame Bovary. Sigh. She’s about to get into some trouble & that makes me feel a little better about my situation. Bon Soir!

2 responses

  1. I would think looking at those leggings would have reduced your temptation to the negative category. Although, I have family members who would wear them.
    Maybe Steve can post an entry to tell us how living with your withdrawal is seen through his eyes.

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