The Acquisition

Day 2, Items purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: .5 on a scale of 10

Tis’ day 2 and I’m still basking in unadulterated elation over my decision to fast clothes shopping for one year. The painful part has yet to penetrate, as I’m still high on the challenge and the novelty of it all. Perhaps I’m the only one applauding, rooting loudly in the grandstands of my mind “if anyone can do it YOU can!” This chant is followed by a sucker punch:  the smack possibility & fear that a few folks will laugh me all the way to the cash register with dress in tow on day 27. After all, can I really accomplish such a ridiculous task?  I comfort myself with the salve of reassurance: nobody really cares about it anyway. Well, never mind all of that because at the end of the day, I care. I committed.  I’ve made this crazy proclamation and it’s me who is going to suffer immense pain and daily reminder of pending failure if I fudge.

I feel the need to conduct some research, since every good experimentalist would surely complete their homework before tackling any project of notable proportion. I have been arguing the point all day. Do I really need to “research”?,  I mean, isn’t active, frequent, and successful participation in a sport the sole prerequisite for rating one’s expertise on the subject? My participation and success in shopping over the last 25 years or so has been, well….quite astounding, if I do say so myself.

At age 12, I received my first crisp Ben Franklin as a birthday gift from grandpa. It took only a moment to realize that I treasured it, and actually less time to spend the sum in its entirety the very next day. An Espirit leather purse was no longer an unattainable object of desire. A hot pink bauble bracelet from Claire’s to accessorize my new stone-washed Guess jeans was just the ticket! These were the days when the Lakeland Square Mall sparkled like a light of glimmering hope on huge acreage in North Lakeland. The shopping mecca was a refuge. Contempo Casuals was the promise land and I was a like Joshua……determined to enter it and feast upon its treasure. The power of the dollar intrigued me & the buzz i felt trading it for bags filled to the brim with fine goodies was inexplicable.  I needed to shop and to do so often. Desire was born in the heart of a child.

Now, years later, I feel the need for a break-up from my passion; this love I’ve courted so long. Some time apart is needed. After all, do I really know shopping? Is he really good for me? I decided to look for his definition in the dictionary. I know, quite a brilliant place to start my research. So, what does it mean to “shop”?  Well, tells me
1. To visit stores in search of merchandise or bargains.
2. To look for something with the intention of acquiring it.

The first definition is one for which I am expertly aware, but the other startled me and caused me to pause for thought.
To look for something with the intention of acquiring.”

The hunt. The quest. The search. The unknown. The discovery. The satisfaction. Perhaps this is what ShopFast is all about. We are all, in our own way, shopping for something. Whether it’s a new blouse, love, a spiritual awakening, a void to fill, a friend, an answer; we are all destined to shop life for its new offerings. We try on new ideas, hobbies, experiences. Some suit us, some do not. We purge the closet of our lives tossing items that don’t fit. We share with our friends our favorite things and even offer them pieces of ourselves that would be appreciated by them. We analyze, over analyze, doubt, and sometimes cheer the pairings of the day that make up the outfit of who we are.

This year, as I fast the “article” of clothing, I yearn to embrace new discovery, learn more about myself & others and prove the theory I’ve always believed, deep inside to be true: There’s more to life than shopping……….


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