Retail Retreat?

happy new year? happy new year. Oh-my-gosh. Did I really wake up to the stark realization that I did vow to be most resolute on one item of significance to me this year? Yes. I did. Pulling covers back over my head as I grip this ipad.


welcome to ShopFast, the blog that will chronicle my withdrawal from retail clothes shopping for 365 days in 2011.

I have no earthly idea how I will accomplish this, nor can I even begin to anticipate the life lessons I will learn during 365 days of self-denial. Okay, let’s call it what it is: mid-level psychological torture. But, I’m committed to the challenge and if triumphant stand to receive substantial reward made payable in travel currency.

2 rules of the game:
1. NO (0) clothing purchases by me for me at all in 2011
2. May only redeem gift cards received for clothing & cannot select items that exceed card amount. (i.e. No utilization of gift cards to justify “need to” spends on higher priced items and thus formulating the “discount” reason for shopping)

This fast is not about saving money or even anything tremendously spiritual, to be sure. However, I’ve no doubt that such topics will reveal themselves unashamedly during this time. ShopFast is about personal growth, restraint and expanding my view. ShopFast is the ultimate attempt to see what my world would look like if frivolous shopping time and resources were actually allocated to other areas of my existence.

So, if you dare, join me for a journey of fun. I don’t know that we’ll have any sort of philosophical breakthrough or that I’ll even behave myself. But, I’m usually good for a few laughs and would sure love the support on this VERY long journey. Are you ready?




5 responses

  1. Aimee,
    My then boyfriend (now husband) bet me in 2007 that I couldn’t shop for a whole year, and believe it or not, I DID IT!!! Man was it hard, but in the end it was worth it. Best of luck to you!!

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